Curve This was taken on Wicklow Town Docks last Thursday. The top fish box was from Killybegs, Co Donegal which is my hometown. Looks like we might get our way and eventually be able to migrate and keep our communities, friends/family list and click on commentators name to get to their site Copy of reply I got asking why these features couldn't be retained if I as an enthusiast migrate Hi Mary, Thanks for contacting SmugMug and for your feedback! We really do take it to heart. Please don't think we've just abandoned all of these things. We haven't, but due to time constraints, we weren't able to ship new SmugMug with some things we would have liked to. We very much needed to get the 'foundation' in place, launched, and any issues resolved, to continue building upon it. Your Legacy SmugMug site will continue to function as it has, so there's no urgency in Unveiling new SmugMug to your visitors. We are still very focused and committed to Moms and Dads, hobbyists and enthusiasts, and aspiring pros alike, and hope to be able to reintroduce or reinvent the things important to you on the new SmugMug platform. We're sorry for your disappointment, Mary. Please stay tuned! All the best, Steve Mills SmugMug Support Manager Image Specialist & Pro Concierge BizDev Account Manager Thursday 1 August 2013 - McDonegal1 Photograpy - Mary Mc Cahill